Thursday, March 03, 2011

Drawing series, a change for 93 series.

 Last night, I did some prep work for moving along by cutting up more matt board. I had some of this lovely color and set it on my table for today's play.

 I got up early and went right into my studio. I did a bit of cleaning up, I sharpened some colored pencils, I looked at some old photos I'd taken of Day Lillies, and then I just felt an urge to draw, so I did.   .
These are Marsh Marigolds.
 These are Virginia Bluebells.
This is a Harlequin Lupine.

I used a Sakura 01 Microperm pen (black,) Muji colored pencils and a touch of Fantasia Watercolour Pencil in some places, to do these drawings.

Dewi reminded me that drawing is as addictive as glue stick. He's right. I couldn't stop at one, today.


Margie said...

You've been holding out on me!!!! These are lovely. A very nice feel to them. Guess what I would like to get in the mail??? Not so subtle hint, huh? I need one for inspiration and one for a journal page. I can be pretty demanding can't I? Xo

Sue Bowen said...

These are lovely indeed! I love way the flowers have been trimmed. They just flow onto the background.