Thursday, March 17, 2011

London, Day #3

We're in London. Met Andy and Elena of MailArt365 fame. Having to pay for internet time. Oh dear, and keyboard is different.  We slept 11 hours last night!  I've been making mail art daily. Can't post it, but taking photos for another time.  London is foggy, it's not a myth.  Tomorrow, we meet with Andrea of Found Art and Beanie fame. This is very cool. More whenever. ta ta for now, from London.


Found art blog said...

Well, our meeting has been posted on Beanie's blog....! Wasn't it fun! Hope you get good weather Saturday though, and your flights on Sunday go well!!

Margie said...

Oh my! Didn't expect to see a post from you, but wanted to leave a comment to say you are missed, hope you are having a grand time, but hurry back to your perch!!! LOL! Xo