Wednesday, March 09, 2011

#99 x 2 plus something interesting to me

I can't believe that tomorrow I will be at 100.  Today's mail art, more bunnies for the Year of the Rabbit. I cut out several bunnies from an old atlas. I love the quality of the black and white photos. They so needed a color background.

I like the feeling of spring that these have for me. Yes, spring, bring it on! I'm so ready and yet, checking weather for our destination cities, I think we're headed for some chilly times.

This stamp is something very interesting for me. When our daughter went off to college, she left behind a tin of old postage stamps, which were given to her years before by an elderly friend of ours. Some of the stamps are quite old and from other countries. I've been using these stamps in collages for quite a while, always sifting through them. While sifting through for Royalty for my card for Val Herman's mail art call, I found this stamp. I'd NEVER seen it before. I noticed the name and couldn't believe my eyes. It's my family name! Who is this Rudolf Golub? I looked on line and found out only that he was a physician. This stamp is a commerative for his 75th birthday, though he died at age 43. Fascinating! My sisters and I are fascinated. We know little about our father's family, so are always wondering about them. Maybe we're related to this man? Who knows.


Margie said...

Ooh, you never know! Love the bunnies!

Found art blog said...

Does the years say 1901 to 1944? Knowing you're Jewish, I wonder if he was caught up in the Holocaust, which makes me think the relevant libraries may have information. Apologies for the spelling mistakes but is it Vad Yashem? Yad Vashem?? The place in Jerusalem.... or the Auschwitz camp libraries I know hold that kind of information too.

mim said...

I thought the same thing - holocaust victim. Maybe after my trip, I'll pursue this.