Sunday, March 06, 2011

My trip, coming soon.

I've decided to pull out my traveling HiMonkey, who was a lovely companion on previous trips abroad.

Here he is, on a background of postcards that I received from him. He's small so he's no trouble to pack, and he's flat. I put him on a new sturdy backing and trimmed him up a bit to refresh him.

When I return, or when I get to a cyber cafe, you'll see him enjoying some new views. To learn more about the REAL HiMonkey, visit here.
and here. 
Monkey is also on Facebook as Moi LeSinge.

Do you ever travel with a non-human companion? What is it?

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Found art blog said...

I'm a Mouse and I travel with a human. It's good fun - she lets me go through the xray scanning machines and I always wave at the people looking at me!!!! It's funny!