Wednesday, March 09, 2011

#98 x 2

In just 2 days, I'll be at number 100 in my 365 project. It's pretty exciting. 

My friend Kristy sent me an envelope full of colored paper squares. They arrived yesterday and, oh boy, all I could think of was - can't wait to use them for my mail art. One of these is going to Kristy and one is to a mail art call.  I really like the way the squares appear to be floating across
the background. Lots of motion in these two.

This piece of mail art, arrived today from Eduardo Cardoso in Portugal. I had to post it here because of an odd coincidence.  Last night, someone showed me something called Lover's Eyes. See some here.
I'd never heard of them before.  This piece of mail art just about knocked me over - this looks so much like one of the examples. I like that it's on the x-ray of the hand. Creepy, really fascinating, cool, and creepy! Thanks Eduardo. It's a perfect piece for me to receive.

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