Monday, March 07, 2011

#97 and 97a plus a bit more

This card is going to a Mail Art call: My Everyday Object, in Milan, Italy. The works will be displayed at Polifemo.

I've loved fountain pens since I was a child. My father wrote with some beautiful pens and I'd watch him writing with his lovely penmanship, which he'd perfected to prove teachers wrong about people who were left-handed. My penmanship is not good, but I love writing and have a lot of fountain pens including one like one of my father's. It has a nib like the one shown here.

This card was made today, day 97, and is marked as the "a" card for the day. It's going to Carla, who's asked us to send her Rabbit related cards for the year of the Rabbit. This cute bunny goes to her.

We're getting the details down for our up-coming trip. I've gotten bunches of little things done, gathering phone numbers, making a calendar to fit in my journal, making a pile of things to take along, finding out about weather (Freezing in London today!) and making sure that our friends are expecting us.

In a week's time, we'll be on the plane headed east. My anxiety has calmed down a lot. I'm practicing with my old school Touch iPod (no camera, no phone) and am getting used to the strangeness (for me) of the key pad. I do like that mistyping gets corrected though the darn thing just doesn't want me to me myself. It keeps changing "Mim" to "Min." That cracks me up. 
What's your favorite every day object?

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Margie said...

Great post my friend. Cute bunny. Can't believe you leave shortly. I will miss you. Can't wait for return reports, photos, etc. I left an answer to your comment on my blog about my camera for your hubby. Xo