Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Mail art on the road, #152 & 153, and some interesting sights.

 Mail made while traveling.   I found this house in a brochure at our hotel, and it's been mentioned that the house looked like the one used on the Roseann Barr show (do I remember that?) I guess it's a typical house of that area.  I made this card on Sunday.
After Brunch on Sunday, we headed home to Virginia.

We stayed over night near Athens, Ohio, and I made this card on Monday, in the car.

 Here I am, on Friday, mailing Thursday and Friday's cards in a town  in Ohio, somewhere. I didn't get any photos of me mailing the others. Saturday's I gave to the hotel clerk. Sunday and Monday's cards were handed to the Postal worker outside the post office in Amherst, Virginia. Whew.
 We met the Big Boy on our way to Indiana. I can't remember what state we were in, but he was quite big and my niece and I had our photo taken with him.
 Our nephew stopped to show us this site in Virginia on our way home. He said it had been a restaurant but now it's not used for anything, though it appears to be taken care of.  We were stopped in a cut through of a median strip on a busy road. Aaagh, scary. What we do for our blog.
This looks like a doll's house, right? It's the view down to a portion of the lobby from our hotel room at the Best Western in La Porte, Indiana. Quite a suprise to see this.

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VioletSky said...

this was a fun post. I love your trip mail art, with the maps.