Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mail art #156s and another peak at the patio

 I realized that today was the 5th and that our neighbors south of our border celebrate this date, so I got out my sampler set of tiny tubes of watercolor and got busy. What fun. I'm really enjoying doing watercolor pieces.  I noticed that I forgot to do the stem on this one, so I had to back into it, but didn't feel like re-scanning. This one is my favorite of the three, the 3 one that I made. I got better at it!
 This is the first of the cards. I didn't quite have the watercolor technique I wanted, like leaving white spaces for sheen.
 This was the second card I did and I was feeling better about what I was doing.
Here's the back garden/patio as of this morning. Oh boy, I'm so excited. The plants in the back area are going to be planted tonight, I think. There are some lights around the tree and in the planted area. This is soooo exciting. We'll inaugurate the patio end of the month with a party! Celebrate!

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Margie said...

Not sure how I missed the last couple of posts. Great!fun watercolors. Just took a two day watercolor workshop which was wonderful and picked up a lot of tips. Now I need to practice, practice, practice! Xo