Sunday, May 15, 2011

#165 series & more garden photos

 I'm playing with Washi tape for these pieces of Mail Art. I had cut out a lot of words from magazine recently and these fit nicely within the tape spaces.
 I like the way the tape is somewhat transparent.
 My honey is experimenting with lighting. These candles might go around the big drain. The grate hasn't been put in place yet, but when it does, we can put potted plants on that, (Ns suggestion.) Meanwhile, we had a HUGE rain storm last night and the drain is now a little pond. Oh boy. We need someone to come tomorrow and clear the pipe.
These are the plantings that went into the ground yesterday. The workers were here all day finishing up little details, still a bit more to do. I think today is the last day. I can't wait to take final photos.  The inaugural party is next Saturday, followed by another big one in July. Woo Hoo, party city on the patio. I'm already thinking "fire pot" for the fall for cool weather parties.

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Eileen said...

The yard looks nice and I see that the party was a success. Hopefully Chuck is de-stressing now! Love you.