Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day, Mail art sent and received and more

 Beautiful Sunday, perfect for a drive to our friend's pottery open house. This is the annual Mother's day trek that N and I make.
 Our friends have a beautiful garden and we love taking photos of their flowers as soon as we arrive.
 The scent of their roses is wonderful.
 They've got tons of these Irises.
 This dove is #159 and I used some of the paper tape, my first try out. Liked it, more to come with tape! This little fellow is flying off in today's mail though he was created yesterday.
 Today's mail art is going to "Make a Spectacle of Yourself" the mail art call I did for Carytown Optical. There's still time to send in your entry.
 This is a piece of mail art that I received on Saturday, from Dean in France. It's part of a cardboard box, with a painting on the reverse. It's amazing to me that this made it all the way to me in the USA from France, as it's sort of a flappy, loose item. Amazing. Meanwhile, my little package sent to the U.K. never made it. It's so interesting to see what gets around.
This is a lovely sight in my neighborhood. The mounted police. I heard them before I saw them. We had a brief chat as they passed by and then I thought, oh I have my camera with me, and by the time I got it out, we get the back end. So it goes. I love the sound, clip clop clip clop, so old timey.

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Margie said...

I LOVE the birds! Especially the one with the tape! Striking! I was just browsing wash tape to get some for myself! What fun getting so many goodies in the mail! Xo