Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mail Art 180 series and Pool time

 We went to the pool early this morning, our first time this year. The flowers that Douglas had planted 2 years ago, look amazing.
 The water was cool and clear, of course.  We just love that it's salt water.
 We have new chairs and table umbrella in bright yellow, though it doesn't show in this photo. We'll continue our early morning pool time, but tomorrow, rain is predicted. Maybe we'll get in a swim before it comes along.
 This is my Sunday series. I managed to do 4 altered museum art cards. I am having fun coming up with titles.  Since I've mailed the cards, I can't remember the titles exactly (they're on Mail Art 365 blog) but this one is something about construction workers looking at art on lunch break.
 This one has a title something about a drive-in modern art museum.
 The title for this is related to the size and color of the Pansy.
This one has something to do with the photographer hiding in the bouquet, of course. Fun! More of these to come for sure.

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phonelady said...

wow ms crafty herself !!!

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