Saturday, May 07, 2011

#157 & 158 series of my Mail art 365 project

 I decided to get back to the 3 or 4 element collage. I'd cut out a lot of words recently while catching up on some TV programs (okay, confession, I do watch TV.) I decided to ramdomly combine words with images. The first one is this REAL one. I like the little seaside town, but can't remember where it is. Watermelon fit the color scheme.

 The birds were waiting to be used so I decided to continue the 3 or 4 item, random word theme with them. Interestingly, for me, is that they end up being narratives. What do you think? They tell some kind of story?

 The photo is an old view of the Brooklyn Bridge.


This little pup was riding in a woman's purse in some fashion advert. The background is from the same image as the big baby in the landscape (#101)

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andytgeezer said...

always love it when the word REAL is spelt in capitals. It's weird that since starting my REAL wall I notice the word REAL spelt in capitals everywhere. Is there some subconscious desire by humans everywhere to want to reconnect I wonder...?