Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another alteration, my skull, and some exciting news!

 This is an altered card, with an image of an art nouveau broach as the base. I am so fond of the buddha smile.
Here's the skull I'm creating, for the Skull Appreciation Day exhibit. I had a paper mache base to work from/on, as did 99 other artists. It was a challenge just to come up with an idea that would say more than: collaged skull. I cut up (oh horrors) pages from an old atlas given to me by a friend, very old, it still showed the Ottoman Empire on it. You figure out that date. I cut it into 1" circles and placed them so that they connected with one another to create new countries and oceans. I wanted to create a skully world that broke down artificial barriers between people. I cut the top off of the skull and created a base from that. I'm going to have butterflies come out of the head. You'll be seeing more of this soon as I have to finish it today, to turn in tomorrow. Cutting it short, right? I work better under pressure, right? aaaaagh!!
And now for the exciting news: Mica's film Mermaids of New York will have three screenings this summer.
June 16-19 will be in Northside Festival sponsored Union Docs competition screening (exact date TBD)

July 21 Screening followed by panel discussion about Sirens & Society at The Observatory in Brooklyn

Aug 12-13 during the World Mermaid Awards and convention in Las Vegas (exact date TBD)

Let's all go to Las Vegas. I'm going to make my Mermaid tail soon as I finish my skull! Oh, by the way, any idea what I can entitle my skull?

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