Tuesday, May 03, 2011

#154 and some landscapes

 Today's mail art, completed just moments ago, because today somehow got very busy. I can't believe we got home late last night. I feel like I never was away, except for that slightly discombobulated feeling having been in a different time zone.  To relive my journey, I'm posting some of the many landscape photos I took through the window in the car.
 Midwest, big sky, lovely clouds.
 La Porte, Indiana, on our way out of town. This row of trees was so lovely.
 Power lines, awesome sky.
 Back in Virginia, where it was much greener than Indiana and the rolling hills, and tree covered old mountains were comforting.
 We saw this up ahead. Traffic was stopped as this very, very large truck made a turn. We didn't know what the load was, until our nephew remembered seeing the huge windmills that we'd passed. They weren't working yet.

Closer look - it's a portion of the windmill structure. HUGE. It was nice to see that they were being installed, taking advantage of nature to create energy.

Sneak peak at the back yard/garden. We returned home to find that our patio was almost complete, with the landscaping part yet to be done. So happy. Here's the pattern of the bricks.

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