Saturday, May 21, 2011

#171 & 172, and more

 Here are a couple more of my altered postcards. Tape and words really change things up.
 I'm not as pleased with the composition of this one. I think another strip of tape might have been needed but I decided to stop myself.
 Yesterday, I walked to the mechanic's to pick up my car.  I guess I should walk more, as it helped my back feel better. 
Here's something I saw on my walk. I'm always surprised to see cactus here. This one is lovely.
My son and Ndil's friend Carra came over yesterday  and strung our tree with lights. It's so pretty. We turned on the lights when it got dark out, and "ooooh, so pretty."


phonelady said...

Oh wow did I miss christmas ?, LOL just kidding . I like all of your art work and postcards are awesome . also love that cactus used to have one like it . I think every yard in florida has a cactus like that . i know it is odd to see in your neck of the woods .

Margie said...

Oh wow, very pretty ! I love twinkle lights, so festive. I never would have guessed you had cacti in your neck of the woods. Glad your back settled down. Mine has too. Can't wait to hear about the party!! Xo

Mary Has Sound said...

I received the "Again" postcard at the top of this post! Thank you so much, Mim! I love it. And the back is really beautiful too. Thank you. <3