Friday, May 13, 2011

#164 series and yesterday's outgoing mail.

Minimal 2
 After yesterdays rioutously active mail art, I felt compelled to go minimal.
Minimal 2 bis

 I made the first one early this morning before heading off to my Spanish Meet-up group.
Minimal 4

Minimal 8
 When I returned home, I was again compelled to do a few more minimalist pieces.

The large numberals were from the hang tag on our car, while it was at the body shop having some repair work done on it.

On one side they were in this lovely green, on the other in a pinkish color.

These felt very satisfying to me at this moment.

This is yesterday's outgoing mail art. I sat in my back yard, with my iced coffee, addressing and stamping the cards. I missed the mail carrier and the last pick up at the mail box, but I did drop them in the box last night. Clunk, kachunk, as they hit the inside of the mail box.

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