Sunday, May 22, 2011

#173s and process.

 Today the world is still with here, and so are we, so I must make mail art! We're all so tired. Last night was the inauguration of our patio! I've hinted at this for a few weeks, and it happened last night. I'll post a few photos soon.

So this morning, I picked out a piece of matt board and stuck some pieces of Color-Aide paper on it. Yellow, pale green, purple and a pinkish color. Took photos with my old phone, so not so clear. 
 Then I used my lovely Washi tape all over the board. Random placement.
 Then I cut the board, looking only at the reverse so I couldn't plan the cuts. I got only 3 standard postcard sized cards out of the board and one square, which I'll mail, and one small rectangle, which I"ll mail in an envelope as a bookmark, to someone.
Next, the cards got a word added to them from my pile of cut out words.

I'm really pleased with how these turned out. They are very energetic!

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Margie said...

That's a fun way to do it! Can't wait to hear about the inauguration of the patio! Winging my way this very moment to Laguna Beach to meet a couple of gal pals!