Wednesday, May 18, 2011

#168, 169s, the drain and the cake

 I did a series of altered postcards for 168, 169 & 169a. I'm enjoying making alterations and adding tape.
 This one is extra interesting to me, since I randomly picked up map circles (which I have lots of for my skull project) and place them on the card. The one covering the mouth of the woman, appears to have a down turned mouth. Whoa! Interesting look and it does draw attention.
 I wished the pink tape were more translucent. I have to remember this and use it as an under rather than an over element.
 Here is the big drain getting cleaned out. Three men from our local, around the corner, plumbing service, doing the job. It didn't require a lot, suck up the standing water, power water flush the stuff that was plugging the drain, and whoooosh, it all went to the big storm drain under the street and on to wherever this kind of water goes. Minutes, only minutes and it was done. A relief. And it was NOT the cause of the neighbors' basement water problem. Whew!
My friend Paula in Kentucky has a wonderful blog, in which she reviews books, posts her gorgeous art work, and tempting desserts. This apple cake recipe came from her blog and I made it 2 nights ago. It's very delicious. I'm putting the recipe on my other blog, here.
Notice how a chunk is missing? It was cut before I could take a photo, by ME! I forgot and cut into it. Our neighbor J. came by & I wanted him to taste it. Okay & I tasted it, too. Yum!

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Margie said...

All this on top of a bad back and pending party????you rock!!! Xo