Wednesday, June 01, 2011

#181, 182 & 183 Mail Art and something kinda creepy

 No. 181 is entitled something like "The Royals visit Tiny Town and notice a friend."  I really am cracking myself up with altered cards. I hope the recipients get a laugh out of them, too.
 "Mae always got lightheaded when she saw a de Kooning." This is #182
 Today's card, #183 is actually the 362nd card that I've made and will send out, as part of my Mail Art a day, since I make more than one a day. I'm almost at 365 cards! We're at the half way mark today.
I call this one: The people of Tiny Town go about their daily lives, as if no one was watching."
Here's the somewhat creepy thing. I spotted this the other day by my neighbors tree. "What the heck is that?" The center is like honey in color and shiny. My reaction was "eew" and yet I was drawn to it's alien-ness and strange beauty. Have you seen a mushroom like this?

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phonelady said...

I can honestly say I have never have seen a mushroom like that and btw I will say this again you are so crafty LOL !!!

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— F. Scott Fitzgerald