Sunday, June 05, 2011

Some more Mail Art and Skull event

Gesturing with her paint brush, Helen said, "Tiny Town residents like this color."
 This morning, I did two of my "styles" for want of a better description. Yesterday, I got lots more of these and other postcards at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art. Still 10 cents each. I'd met JD for coffee there and when I showed him the 50 cards I'd bought, he reminded me that I was going to use up all the stuff in my studio and not bring in anything new. Ooops! Well, I'm considering the BASE for my mail art cards, uhm, like, uh, necessary to keep doing work? Okay, I could just keep cutting up the matt board, but hey these cards are just too good to pass up. I'm giving myself permission to bring in bases for the work.

In this card, I've used that Washi paper tape on one of the cards my great-niece gave me, and my favorite view of the planet earth. I have a few more of these cards to use (use up!)
Skull Appreciation Mail Art exhibit

 This is a photo from the preview of the Skull Appreciation Day exhibit. The Mail Art was installed on one wall, and they put my Skull in the center as a trophy head. I thought it worked perfectly that way. The Mail Art was well received and appreciated. I think some people are now interested in participating with doing it. Yay, converts.

You can see the gallery clearly here, as fewer people were at the preview.
This is the start of opening night. The space became so packed that taking photos with anything more than a crowd of people was impossible. The exhibit got rave reviews and there were sales!

We didn't attend the craft event or the big dance party yesterday. I can't wait to hear about those events. Well, Skull Appreciation Day #1 has successfully ended. A sweet thing, we found out that the day was celebrated, a day earlier, by a sketching group in San Diego. How cool is that? Next year, bigger and better, in more locations. Think about doing one in your town next year.

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