Monday, June 27, 2011

Some mail art, an eggplant and the dove.

 This adorable little eggplant was at the market last week. Such a beautiful color and I loved the shape. It reminded me of bell-skirt dresses. I didn't buy it, as I'd already chosen a couple of long Asian eggplant.
 A dove is back on our side window ledge. The same one or one of the offspring? We don't know. She is hidden from view, unless you really look. Can you see her eye, there in the center of this photo.
 I think you can see her better in this view. The little black eye. Unblinking, unmoving, she waits. The leaves sometimes are blowing around her, as our air-conditioner is on the ground below the window. She doesn't care about the sound of the machine or the leaves moving.
 I had cut out a bunch of baby heads from an advert in an old National Geographic. I took time on Saturday to find them in one of my many tins full of scraps. You'll be seeing more of Baby in Tiny Town. This one is entitled "Baby Leo was puzzled by Tiny Town's lack of interest in him." I just crack myself up with these.
Today's card, on the 209th day since I started, is an altered Fantin Latour paining of flowers done sometime in the late 1800s. I thought they looked so good in the palm of her hand, though in the painting, they're a table top arrangement. I love making the shift in perception, large & small.

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phonelady said...

I just love your work and I wish mine was half as good . well take care my dear and stay safe .