Monday, June 13, 2011

#195 series and something creepy

Creepy Mushroom growing by the tree out front.
As long as her eyes were closed, the big head didn't disrupt the hunt
Wally & Helen were delighted by the tiny horses of Tiny Town
This card cracked me up. I was cutting things out of old National Geo magazines (I was so tired of seeing the stack on my studio floor) when I came on this photo. I showed it to my honey and he said, "that's a post card in itself." So I cropped it and turned it into a stage with the Penguin and the Sea Lion, who appears to be laughing uproariously, and the other penguins as audience. So funny to me. Here's the title: Critics found the play "Delightful," "magic," a "Little Gem." Surely The Penguin and The Sea Lion will be a 2012 Tony Winner. We'd just watched the Tony Awards (Best of Broadway.)

I didn't know what to do with head I cut from a Man Ray photo. I felt creeped out by my own caption for this one. What about you?

This couple is from a 1960s National Geo magazine. They were perfect for this card.


phonelady said...

Okay I will say it again . You are the altered post card queen .

Margie said...

These are great! And yes, the mushroom is quite unattractive! No fear anyone would try to eat it!