Thursday, June 02, 2011

#184 series, a pool picture & a beet

 More of my altered cards. I'm going to have to stop by the Virginia Museum of Fine Art and stock up on postcards while they're still 10cents each. Look at all the fun I'm having for so little money!

Yesterday, or today, counts as the halfway mark for my Mail Art 365 project.
 I entitled this gal (a cyclidic figure) something like "She could stand very still."  It was a surprise to me that I could make something really different happen for this sculpture with just one element.
 As always, big people looking at the landscape crack me up. Doesn't this just work?
 I chanced my phone getting wet to take this photo. We were at the pool before
8 a.m. Alone as usual, all the movement in the water is just from the two of us. The duck takes the water temperature. It was 88F/31C. Mighty warm. There is one of the new yellow umbrellas and some of the new yellow chairs.
 This is one of the beets that I got last week from my farm share. I absolutely loved the roots on this and asked my honey to take a photo of it for me. Of course, it's so perfectly an art shot. I'm thinking I need note cards or a stamp made of this image.
Here's what I did with last week's beets. I steamed them (the inside is peach and pink) and then made a pickling liquid to pack them in. It turned out very tasty, though my photo isn't as attractive.


phonelady said...

Boy you really are a busy lady pickling beets taking photos of the pool and swimming in it too . I think you must have very full days .

Margie said...

Oh man, that is a terrrific shot of the beet. Always good to know what you are up to my friend.