Friday, June 10, 2011

Mail Art, of course!

 How fortunate I am in so many ways, and one of them, is I get early morning pool time! The water was 86F/30C this morning. Kinda like getting into the bathtub.
BeeBee wanted to live in Tiny Town
 These are my cards from yesterday and today. I was just having so much fun that I did lots of them, plus it was too hot to leave the house.

This gal came from an old photo magazine, circa 1959. The caption is based on what a friend told me.
Whenever she left Tiny Town, Armelle felt very sad.

This woman was a dancer, photographed by the famous Lotte Jacobi.  

I'm having fun thinking of names to use. This name, Armelle, is the name of one of the twins of a jewelry shop owner in Paris. He said it was an old Breton name. I liked it a lot. The shop 3b is near Centre Pompidou.

The other twin's name is Mathilde. I had to use that one, also. This woman's photo is from a 1950s National Geographic magazine.

As the men and hounds raced past, Mathilde smiled, knowing that the fox was safe in her cellar.

Margaret studied th daily habits and customs of the Tiny Town residents.

The image of Margaret Mead, in case you didn't know who that was in Tiny Town, also was taken by Lotte Jacobi.

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phonelady said...

Yes I am sad to say I am old enough to know who margaret meade is . I am glad you enjoy your pool time I would too .