Sunday, June 12, 2011

#194 series, the lovely patio & more

 I made four cards this morning using Washi tape and the commercial cards I received from my great-niece, Jenni. I've had such fun with these. This old porcelaine statue has such a sweet face. I wish he lived in my house.
 This particular card had an image of a woman with a strangely long neck that disturbs me, so I have to cover it up each time I alter this card. However, when I do change it, I really like it.
 I like changing up the words on this card. I think it's cheeky to "demand" that one DREAM or EXPAND, so I have to put something in there to scramble it up a bit. It's like when you're feeling a bit glum and someone says to you "SMILE!"  That is cheeky!
 This image has a woman with a long neck, too. What's with the looong necks? and why does that disturb me, hmmm.  Changing these cards is very satisfying.  Do you ever alter commercial cards?
 My yard the other day, full sun, too hot to sit out there, but what lovely dotty shadows on the brick.
We went to the movie theatre yesterday afternoon to see the new Woodie Allen movie, Midnight in Paris. We liked it. We like any movie that has Paris as the venue. It convinced us that we had to return to Paris, not that we needed much convincing. 

These 1950's bar stools are in the cafe in the movie theatre. They remind me of my dear father (obm) who, in the 1950s had a business with some friends. They made this kind of stuff, bent chrome and leatherette (fun name for faux leather) kitchen tables, chairs, bar stools, restaurant booths. He's have chuckled to see they were back in vogue.


phonelady said...

my cousin has those very chairs and table in her kitchen she loves it . wow that is awesome work with the cards . You are the queen of the altered postcards !!!

Barbara said...

are your lanterns waterproof?
bee bee

Anke Martin said...

Hi Mim! Your new ATC's are wonderful!!! Smiles, Anke ;)

Margie said...

Ooh, the eye card is my favorite! Love seeing pics of that fab patio. Hugs!