Monday, June 06, 2011

Mail Art #188 + and more

 A nice big daisy to take my mind off of my toe! I stubbed my toe really badly. I was walking around barefoot and my kitchen chair got in the way! I slipped on a shoe and now don't want to look at my toe in case it's, ya know, really messed up. OUCH!!
 Glad I made my Mail Art early this morning after going to the pool. This one is entitle: "Polly, eyes straight ahead, rushed past Dobbin, who glanced at her apprehensively."
 This one is entitled: " As Dobbin was led to the barn, Blanca waited with flowers for him."  Dobbin seems like an old-timey horse's name. This card presented a bit of a challenge for altering. I think I have one more of them to play around with. Any ideas for me?
The water was very chilly at the pool this morning. Brrrrr! But we slooowly got into it and did our exercises. I wish I had some cold water to put my foot into now. Think I'll pop an ice pack on it. Oh, that means I'll have to peek at it.

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phonelady said...

Oh my dear Im so sorry about your toe please let us know that you are okay and the toe is not broken !! I had a broken toe once , 8 wks it took to heal not fun . take care and you should receive a letter from me any day now .