Thursday, June 23, 2011

Time to add some images from our NYC trip

 There's a really strange, gigantic sculpture in Madison Square Park, by a Spanish artist, Jaume Plensa. It's called Echo. From every direction, it looks flat! Or like a hologram face.
We had lunch on Monday at Eataly, where all the products are from Italy. It's huge! It's located on 23rd St. and Madison/Broadway. We ate in the verdura section, only vegetables on that section's menu. Fresh figs and goat cheese was a great combo.
 These days, there are lots of places to sit outside in NYC. And lots of bicycle paths. Vehicular traffic gets shunted around these little oasis set into various street corners. This one is by Madison Sq. Park. See that tall building in the distance? Guess which one it is.
 Our friends have an apartment across from a Greek Orthodox church, on 24th St. and 9th Ave. It made me think of my friend in Greece.
 We went to Brooklyn to see the Mermaid film screening, and stopped for some Italian Ice. The cross street was Borinquen St. That made me think about my friends from Puerto Rico. There was a mix os old buildings and new, as you can see, the neighborhoo.
We arrived at the Metropolitan Museum of Art before 9 a.m. in order to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit in a private tour by someone our friends' know. We sat outside on a bench in front until our appointed time. It was quiet and grey. The exhibit was AMAZING. The lines were very long as we were leaving. Lucky us! Private tour.

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what a great time you seemed to have glad you are home .