Saturday, June 25, 2011

Catching up with Mail Art posts, #204, through 207! Whew!

 Here's Velma in Tiny Town, waving at us. I did two Tiny Town's on Thursday. My honey thinks I should do a book about Tiny Town but the VMFA owns the painting and perhaps the rights to it, so I'll stay low key and just alter them and send them out.
 I love how this woman, whom I've named Pam, strolls through this town with her purchases. It's like she always cuts through Tiny Tiny when she heads home from the market.
 These two are part of a series of type based pieces I was working on . I'm not sure they really are "asemic" but then one person's asemic is another person whatever, if you know what I mean. I liked the way this practice piece turned out.
 I cut it into two cards and added a person to each of them. It works for me. I hope the recipients like them.
 I'm never sure how I'll deal with this card when I put it out on my work table. I have to sort through scraps and see what I come up with. This woman seems to be contemplating the letter on the door.
This woman, whom I've named Héloise, appears to be bending over to smell the flowers, which are gigantic.   I hope that people aren't getting tired of seeing these altered cards. I'm having so much of a good time with them.

In fact, I went to the museum today, the last day of the sale, and bought about one inch/2.54cm of Tiny Town cards. I think this is it. When these are gone, I'll be done with Tiny town!

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phonelady said...

You are having so much fun with these tiny towns cards !!! LOL !!!!