Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fritzi, my Etsy shop

Skull-a-Day fabric
 I've let Fritzi, my Etsy shop go bare for a bit, while I concentrated on my Mail Art.
Vintage tea towels
Today, I decided to re-stock with some of my small purses, which I call Pockets.

I started making them because most of my clothing doesn't have a pocket and I needed something to keep my phone in while I went between my studio and the kitchen or garden, voila, a pocket, aka small purse.

I am making these a bit bigger than my original pocket, so they can hold more when I go out to the grocery store, or take a walk. Check out my shop and see what's there. I'll be putting more on when I get back from my brief holiday.


phonelady said...

those are beautiful and enjoy your holidays .

Anke Martin said...

DEAR MIM!Thank you for the nice suprise!!!! It's hanging on my 'special things' line in the living room!!!! You made me smile!!!

Smiles, Anke ;)