Wednesday, June 08, 2011

#190 & 190a, cool water and hot day

The patient photographer waited for the perfect photo op' in Tiny Town
This morning, we arrived at the pool earlier than usual, since it was already getting warm. We didn't see the temperature duck at first, then spotted it in the corner at the deep end. He seemed confused so we sheparded him to open water. Poor Duckie. Confused!

I've wanted to use this photographer in something special, as he's a very famous photographer. Do you recognize him?
Bon Voyage

I'm sending this altered card to some acquaintances who are leaving for a long trip, on while they'll make a stop in Uganda! This morning, I finished our bag of Ugandan coffee and thought, "perfect!"  It's kind of like this figure is carrying a sign-board, right?

This is a group of three Artist Trading Cards that I sent out in a call for an ATC exchange. I haven't made any works this size in a long time so I had to check into my archives, where I found these "space" related pieces.
They were from a time when I demonstrated to my students how to make an edition of 10 ATCs.  The blue circles are actually holes in the cards, which I scanned with a blue background.  


phonelady said...

wow that is great and poor confused duckie glad you were there to save him or her .

Margie said...

Do you sleep? I'm beginning to wonder, LOL!