Saturday, June 11, 2011

#193, my honey, and Duckie

Standing very still, she showed off her new hat.
 This past week, I received some mail art from Bruxelles, Belgium, the envelope was the art, and inside was a photo of a tree, a note, AND a piece of Belgian chocolate in the form of a gold coin! The chocolate was a wee melted, seeping out a tiny bit, but I peeled the "gold" foil off and handed half to my honey and we had a taste of Belgium. What a surprise treat. I've used half of the foil on this thank you card back to the sender. Doesn't this Cycladic figure (Greek, 2400 BCE) look darling with her new hat?

We gave ourselves a break from pool exercise today and I slept late. I might need to jump into that pool later today as it's going to be another very hot day. Even a pool with water the temperature of a bath will be refreshing.
Last night was the opening of an exhibit of my honey's photos. These are half of the ones he exhibited in Paris spring of 2009. Our friend Geraldine of Ghostprint gallery, took this terrific photo. Check out her site.


phonelady said...

Oh wow I love it . Good luck to chuck with this photo exhibit . I wish I could go see it . Oh yes belgian chocolate is fantastic . LOL !!!

i'm a superhero i can like fly and shit said...

if i had easy access to a pool, you'd probably never get me out of it.
i miss swimming, i'm just too busy lately to go! :(