Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not planned #47

I seriously had NO idea what I was going to do for today's piece. I cut up some mat board to do something similar to the #43 series. I was planning to cover a board with some background, cut up, and so on. But as I prepared to do that, I noticed the Josef Albers card (actually saved the front of a note card) and remembered that I wanted to send a "merit" badge to someone who commented on my "puzzle" post last week. So I sandwiched the badge between the Albers card and  one of my many free cards, the kind that I pick up in restaurants in New York City.
I used wide double stick tape to put the two cards together, neatly sandwiching the badge.  I had this sweet faced little boy, probably from a Dutch master, which fit perfectly in the corner, and there at hand was this text from a design magazine. Perfecto! Today's card appeared, I had to make it #47.

The recipient will have to peel apart the two cards to get at the badge, which may mean this image is the only lasting one of the #47. Unless the recipient is VERY careful, the cards may get torn in the peel apart process. But all is impermanent, to quote the Buddha.  


PostMuse said...

This is wonderful! I love reading your blog.

Margie said...

I swear Mim, I applaud your commitment to creating art daily. This card and Saturday's cards are fab! Hugs, Margie

Dayeseye said...

by the way...the cards are great, the picture intact, and that tape you used is ferocious!