Monday, January 31, 2011

The 60's. Mail Art series, that is, not the era!

 This is the last card (#61) using bits from New Orleans. I made it in my own studio so I had my xacto knife and scissors, which felt really good after having only a small metal ruler to use to "cut" an edge.
I made the #62 series in memory of my friend who died on 30 December. I picked up her ashes today. They'd been waiting for me, but no one had notified me about it. I'm still in a state of surprise about it all. So after I got back from the Cremation Society, I decided to tackle the Mail Art for the day. I'll post about my process for this series next.
I've entitled the pieces "In memory of my friend."  It really pays to have a lot of stuff in one's studio to choose from. I knew that I wanted to use butterflies for the pieces but the ones on the calendar that my friend gave me were too big or didn't have wings spread out.

Luckily, one of the National Geographics had an article on Darwin with a double page spread of butterflies (a display case photo.)

I like the way they look like they were done with water colors, a medium over which I have NO control.


PostMuse said...

The tribute series is beautiful, Mim. Those butterflies are ethereal.

leahbella said...

love that i received one of these! thanks!!