Friday, January 14, 2011


"1920 fears"

"1950 style"
Some of the participants in Mail Art 365 write a lot about each of their daily pieces. They write their motivation, their technique, their recipients, and such. Me, I write nothing but the number of the piece. I read the other day that some people like to know about the above things so I decided to write about them here. And post process or technique the way I did the other day.

Since I'm trying to use up the scraps that I already have, I find it interesting how I find ways to combine them, ways I'd never thought about but work for me.

The backgrounds on these are from that Merrimekko "newspaper" I got in NYC. I searched in my tins for vintage items. I wanted a person and a thing and some writing. I was happy to re-discover the 1920's bit of advertising. It was from an article about what fears were focused on during the 1920s in the states. The old-timey Georgia Belle seemd to be perfect for the 1950s bathing beauty.  These turned out okay. Now to make today's piece of Mail Art. Running late!!


PostMuse said...

I think if I had an established art blog, I'd probably just post a link on MailArt365 blog, but my blog is really for my postcard project and just a few asides, so I'm using MailArt365 as my art blog. I like having the whole thing documented so that I can look back over the year and see what I've done. Some folk do that with Flickr but I think Flicker format is not as comfortable for reading.

Margie said...

Ooh, love the three image cards! Neat feel to them. I like your usual commentary. Just enough, but not too much. You write like I would guess you talk, since we've not chatted on the phone...yet! Enjoy your day Mim! Hugs, Margie