Saturday, January 08, 2011

My #39 series & a unique 1 of 1 card.

 I'm not feeling well today. A cold caught up with me on Thursday afternoon and is now quite at home with me. I'm sneezing, and coughing, the usual cold symptoms. I used my day indoors to do lots of Mail Art pieces and used up a lot of colored paper from my stash.
 The backgrounds were from large pages from an art magazine that were solid color. A real treat to find them ages ago. I decided to do random color experiments. Not sure what they mean or conclude but fun to do and look at. Very random.
 This one had a portion of a quote on it and I like the way it sounded like a poem when I said it out loud, so I left it on the piece.
 This is the one I labeled #39, the others are the a, b, c ones of the series. I'm sticking to this method of numbering, I think I like the way it keeps me organized.
This is a special card for my artist/musician friend in Chicago. She said this quote the other day while we were chatting on the phone. I remembered that I had an image of it. Some artist had put it on Two buildings in New York City as an installation piece.  Have you read the Jon Kabat-Zinn book by the same name? It was very good.

I'm hoping I'll feel way better tomorrow, though I'll be making Mail Art no matter what.


Barbara said...

I am humbled, honored, deeply moved. Thank you, Mim. Maybe it just pulled on me heart strings 'cause I shed a little tear to be "remembered" in this way. Love, bb

Margie said...

Love the color block cards Mim. Really like that image with the saying . Would you mind emailing a copy of it to me?
Feel better my friend. Hugs, Margie

Paula said...

Hope you're feeling better!

mischief said...

your envelope arrived this evening in the Post tonight Mim! We'll get around to opening it tomorrow. You can see it on the flickr stream at the moment