Monday, January 03, 2011

Moving on with Mail Art 365 days.

Tuscan Landscape with eagle and smile
 Today I decided to do some more experimenting with packing tape. I used both the pull the tape off the page method and the soak it in water method. Such fun. Not sure of how the results turned out but I had fun doing it.
Man and Parrot (#34c)

Interstate 270 (#34b)

Coping in Southern California (#34a)

The image of the man that I soaked off of the page was kind of dark so I wanted the card to be colorful. However, it was too something or other on the right so I added the colorful parrot, which somehow works for me with the addition of the sheer circle.

This young boy came from an old National Geo. His face was just so solemn and his gaze so direct at the camera. Somehow, pairing him with calmer colors and a piece of pale map worked as a composition without taking away from his powerful image.

I gleaned these images from an old National Geo magazine of a mudslide in Glendora. A lot of my family  lives in Southern California so I think about the disasters there. Once I was even there when there was a bad earthquake. To say I was shaken up by it, is to put it mildly.


Margie said...

Absolutely love your descriptions like "something or other" when producing your beautiful mail art. Again, you always make me smile. Go Mim! Hugs, Margie

Ria View Mirror said...

It is lovely. What a wonderful mailart piece i received from you.#34 arrivedd to me a few days ago. I will also be sending you something else in the mail again.
best wishes for a wonderful week