Friday, January 14, 2011

#45 series of Mail Art 365

 For this series, I was going through one of my drawers of scraps that I hadn't looked through in months. I found several paintings. Okay, paintings will go on the cards. Then what? Okay, a person and a thing. A total of 3 items on each card. That's it. I like this limitation thing.

So in this one it appears that the little girl is contemplating the painting, or the plate of food.
 In this one, the painting is from my own Virginia Museum of Fine Art. The original is very large and very beautiful. Contemplating art on the run.
This woman seems to be contemplating the painting, or the food, in a very demure manner, right?


PostMuse said...

I think the woman is contemplating the food, but wants us to think it is the painting :-) I love the way you combine images.

Noah said...

These made me laugh! I love the Japanese one especially!