Monday, January 10, 2011

Good Mail Days

Andrea's mail
 I've been really fortunate to receive some terrific Mail Art. Some from people who are participating in the MailArt 365 project and some from my long time mail friends. What a joy to get real mail, right?
 This is my #40 series. I'm using up the big sheets of solid color paper that I gleaned from a design or art magazine at some point. Big sheets of color, exciting. I stayed with just color, kind of experimenting, and trying to be somewhat random. I wanted it to appear that I just tossed the bits onto the paper and glued them down.
 But of course, you can see that is NOT how it turned out. I had to control what was happening.
 I like the way the spatial changes take place. What's on top, what appears to be a hole in space, what's the background, some ambiguity going on, I hope.
 This one really pops a lot moire on this page than in person, I think. I'll have to wait to see what the recipient thinks. Since I made these over the weekend. They just got mailed today.
This is a 4" x 6" standard postcard, so why did it turn out so small? I had the same setting as for the #40 series images. So strange. The same with Andrea's mail. Small. hmmm. This one came from one of the MA365 group. Nice!

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