Thursday, January 06, 2011

A BIG mail art day.

Road Trip
 I was so happy this morning to discover in my stash of paper, a "map" from 1998, for low altitude airplanes to use when flying over the carribean and Central America. Very cool document! I decided to cover a lot of cards (okay, only 5) with this as a base to work on. Then I decided to just look for 2 or 3 elements to add to each card.
Plane spotting blue birds

I read on someone's blog yesterday, a quote from an artist (can't remember blog, can't remember artist) that said something like "if you have 4 elements use 3." So I did. 
Plane spotting faun
 The background was busy enough, right?  I am really determined to use up my scraps during this project. Lucky me, found these airplane stamps, in duplicate. They work so well for this map.
What's your story?

I'd had this pair of legs for awhile, ditto the doll head. They form some kind of narrative, but you'll have to supply the story yourself.  The stamp came off of a package from Anke, photographer extraordinaire, from Germany.

This woman has a story, I'm sure. I liked the way the orange piece of paper made her pop off of the background.

Woman on Orange


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