Monday, January 17, 2011

Special Holiday and some Mail Art (#48s)

Off to Afghanistan
 Today was a holiday here in the U.S. A commemoration of Martin Luther King, Jr.s birthday. It's supposed to be a day of service, so I decided that I'd fill a package for a soldier from the "forgotten soldier" list at (I'm a registered volunteer on that site.) My soldier, a woman, will have her package going out tomorrow. It looks similar to the one in this photo, which is another package that I have waiting to fill. Her's got sealed up before I remembered to take a photo of the contents. Beef Jerky is supposedly a popular item with the troops. I'm a vegetarian, I wouldn't have a clue about that product.
Abstract 1

Abstract 2

Abstract 3
I decided to use the method I used for the #43s for this series. I covered a piece of board with the pieces of map from my old road atlas. I was able to get three postcards from the board.  I decided that I would not use them literally, like adding those great old American gas guzzling cars taking a road trip. Instead, the map would just become a textured background and what I added would be simple, just solid color.

I was surprised at how these turned out. I mean, I made them, and yet, they surprised me. How much fun it that?

This one is going to a friend in the midwest as a birthday card. Kind of balloon-like, right?

Lots of action in this one, with those little balls bouncing around. These of have a happy feeling.

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