Friday, January 07, 2011

The #38 series and a cool shadow.

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 I didn't get down to making Mail Art until this afternoon as when I awoke I was feeling like my cold was getting worse. I stayed low energy and pumped myself with homeopathics and tea. By Afternoon, I felt like going into my studio to make some art.  I started with some of my topographical maps as background and then using the 3 rule (a section of color counting as one) I made these three in the #38 series.
 It was fun to find that I had more legs in my stash and more cars. I have even more cars to use up.   It'll be interesting to see what I make at the end of the year, when most of the scraps are gone. Right? I'm assuming that I'll use it all up.
 Looks like this man is dropping down into the convertible!
We're having some work done in our house. Yes, more work. This time, we had the window on the west side of the house covered over with wall board. It looked out on the house next door, only 24" (61cm) away from our house, so we had a shade on it. Now it's just a plain wall and we'll put up a display shelf. When I walked past the ladder today, the shadow looked so nice to me that I had to photograph it.   

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Barbara said...

only the shadow knows. :-)