Monday, January 31, 2011

#62 series, the process

   I have a drawer full of folded up maps and am determined to use up a lot of them before the year is out. I used my paper cutter to cut strips out of several of them.

Then I used YES! paste, an all purpose glue, to adhere the strips to the piece of matt board I had selected. It was a messy process to do this, which I don't like. I don't like having sticky hands! I tried to create something that looked like a new place.

After the glue dried, which took less time than I thought it would, I turned the piece over and cut it up into 4" x 6" pieces (10 cm x 15 cm) I was able to get 4 postcards out of the piece and some scraps which I'll use a tiny art piece.
After the pieces were cut out, I checked to see if there were any unsecured places and added glue where necessary. I am not used to totally covering a piece with glue or medium. I don't like a shiny surface, which YES! leaves. (Some people don't like this product because of it not lasting a bazillion years.  I think it's not so important to worry about that.)

  I decided to attach the butterflies, see previous post, using Golden regular gel (matte) medium. That worked nicely to dull the cards down.
I think these will make it through the mail machinery without a problem.
I'm going to try this method again tomorrow, to see if I can do a better job with the surface.
Oh, yes, I also like using Tombow double stick tape in the roll on applicator. Expensive but easy to travel with and good for large areas.  I really like Uhu brand adhesives, but couldn't find the roll on at my locally owned art supply store and i do like to support them.
By the way, I do not get paid or get freebies by talking about these products that I use.


PostMuse said...

Cutting up my gazillions of maps is one of my February projects. Not sure of my methods, but your strip technique will be at least part of the process.

I am on the lookout for adhesives that are easier and less messy. I bought Aileen's Tacky Glue in a jar with its own brush, and found that is best for less mess, but the glue is wet, wet, wet and leads to soggy paper and a not so smooth finish, even if I am careful about not using too much glue. I love glue sticks, but they are expensive .... you need a lot of glue sticks to do a big project (and, no matter what people say ... the cheap glue sticks don't hold up for mail travel). I use glue sticks with an old acrylic cutting board ... it cleans up very quickly so I can keeping glueing. The acrylic cutting board as a glue surface is really my best discovery.

As for double stick tape, I have never had any luck with any of the applicator products, even the wonderful TomBow. The applicator eventually fails me. I use a FANTASTIC roll double stick tape that I buy in a huge roll at a local specially rubber stamps store, Stamp Fanci. It doesn't have a name brand on it, only that it is made in Canada. I am almost at the end of a roll I bought last summer (that's how big the roll is!) so when I go in to get more, I'll see if I can find the manufacturer.

Whew ... long comment about adhesives! I think finding the right adhesive is one of the hardest things about mailart.

mischief said...

I love knowing how these pieces come together. Maps make such awesome backgrouds

Margie said...

You've been busy! Margie