Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mail Art while on my holiday!

First card made in New Orleans

2nd card made in New Orleans
 I prepared for my trip by getting cards ready. I put all the rubber stamps, addresses and postage stamps on the address side and on the art side, I put a piece of torn colored paper in the center. This way  the cards would have some continuity as a series. I couldn't take a scissor as we took our luggage on board rather than checking it. I'd packed a small metal ruler to tear against, which worked fine.
3rd card made in New Orleans

4th card made in New Orleans

Last card made on trip in airport at Atlanta
I collected a few brochures from the hotel lobby to work with. This second card I made while having coffee in the cafe of the Contemporary Art Center. The CAC was closed to the public but happily the cafe was not. In the cafe, is an ART-O-MAT!! and guess what? My work is in THAT machine. I was doing the happy dance, for real.

The white "O" on the blue background is the little label we got when we paid admissions to the Ogden Museum. This museum had some pretty terrific work in it and a surprising exhibit of huge pottery, which I'll blog about later. Huge!

This card has a bit of scrap showing Blue Dog. The Blue Dog gallery is in the French Quarter. We don't "get" Blue Dog but he's very popular and well known.

My last card made while away, was created while waiting for the connecting flight from Atlanta to Richmond. We'd had to leave our hotel at 8h00 so I didn't get to work on a card in New Orleans. Then our flight from Atlanta to home was cancelled and we were rebooked on a later flight, so I had plenty-o-time to play. I wasn't too bad working on my lap. I had my little envelope of scraps and my glue stick and metal ruler. I, also, had a little plastic box with the numbers in it.

All in all, I was pretty pleased by being able to make these cards while on holiday. It preparing me for our longer trip in the spring.  Photographing the cards worked out okay, too.  They came out pretty crisp, though I will admit that I took several of each card at different settings.

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Winnie's Girl said...

I love these from New Orleans! My mom was born there and I have a lot of family in Louisiana still. The postcards you made really bring it back to me. I miss it a lot, especially the beignets!!