Thursday, January 20, 2011

#51 and some flowers

American Gallery 1

These are a couple of fotos that I took when the VMFA had an exhibit of flowers based on paintings. It was a wonderful exhibit.

The painting in American Gallery 2 can also be seen in my Mail Art #45a. I'd found a reproduction of it in a brochure. It's a very beautiful painting.
American Gallery 2

"Hello in there, there are butterflies out here!"

This #51 was made up with pieces from a 1963 National Geographic, with butterflies added from a calendar. It turned out really sweet. At first, I wasn't sure it worked but then it did. What do you think?


PostMuse said...

I've been waiting for you to blog this one! I love #51! It is very sweet.

Rob said...

I have seen this image before...hmmm
Check out Liz Sheehan's version. Crazy how similar (some adjusting would match it)