Thursday, January 20, 2011

#50 mail art process

 I took these with my old cell phone, as I was too engrossed in what I was doing to go downstairs for my camera. Sorry the light blurs things a bit; however, I wanted to share the process.

FIRST - I covered a piece of matt board with paper scraps. The small white rectangles are where I'd cut something out of the other side of the paper.

 SECOND - I glued down old postage stamps and a picture of a queen that I liked.
I turned the matt board over and cut it into 4 standard postcard pieces, with only a little scrap left over. Why do I turn the board over? So there's a bit of random-ness in the process.

I then added a person/s to the three that didn't have one. Just to give some focus and personality to the cards.


PamelaArtsinSF said...

I like the blurry cell phone shots -- kind of cool. And nice cards too.

Rani said...

Love it Mim....I'm a creature of random as well!

Margie said...

My goodness, you have been busy! I was only away two days! Wow! Like the latest creations my friend. Hugs, Margie

Mary Has Sound said...

So I am humbled/honored and EXCITED to have received on of these. HOW LOVELY. Must say, even better in person. Thank you soooo much. Happy sending! <3 Mary

spopod said...

I received the blue & yellow card in the lower corner, #506 or was that #50b. I loved the stamps and the licensed mail artist stamp on the back. But just so you know the post card got a little chewed up during its postal travels. The papers were ripped off in the corners. I think it adds to the charm but as the artist who created it it can be annoying. Thank you so much will be send on in return soon.