Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Some mail art +

Darwin and Finch

Best grapes!
 These are #36 & 36a of my 365 project. I'm still not sure of my numbering system because I'm doing more than one a day, but if I numbered consecutively I'd have lots more than 365. Hmmm. Not sure. 

I tried a couple more packing tape pieces. I like the ways these turned out better than the last batch. I think I need to stay simple.

I've been asked to do another Mail Art workshop. Just one day, all day, at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art Studio School.  I hope enough people sign up to make this a go. I love doing it and it's so much fun for me AND the participants.

This digital collage was created by a mail friend of mine for use on her blog. She did a blog post about ME! How totally surprising. It made me blush, really it did. I think I'd like it as my "business" card.

My mail box was happy today. I got mail art from Mad Madge. Don't you love that nom de mail art? I wish my mail box was this fancy. Alas, it's just a plain brass flap  opening in my front door. The mail happily drops into my living room.


PamelaArtsinSF said...

Love that mailbox. And that collage of you is very cool. I can tell I am going to lose track of my Mailart365 too.

Margie said...

Aww, so glad you liked it enough to put it on YOUR blog. I'm smiling. Xo, Margie

Margie said...

Your mail art makes me crazy! That's a good thing! Xo! Margie