Thursday, December 16, 2010

Some New York pix

A tree in Chelsea Market made of CDs
 We had a really nice time in NYC. We strolled through Chelsea Market, which is a great place to get out of bad weather. This tree made of CDs catches the tiny lights, twinkles a lot. Good re-use, right?
Keith's exhibit at OK Harris Gallery in SoHo
 We walked lots and until Sunday, the weather was relatively mild. We were so happily surprised.    This shop in SoHo has 800 old sewing machines on display in the window and inside the shop.
A clothing shop & lots of old sewing machines.
Waverly Diner
Sunday the weather was awful. It rained really heavily. We met up with our daughter and had breakfast at the Waverly Diner in the west village where I managed to leave a book that I'd registered on BookCrossing. I hope someone found it. 
MoMA -  Barnett Newman

We went up to the Museum of Modern Art to see the Abstract Expressionist show. Here's my honey and our daughter in front of a BIG red painting.  We also saw an amazing Anselm Keifer show at Gagosian Gallery, twice, we liked it so much.
 People in the museum were looking down watching a performance piece. It's was pretty strange. A man playing Ode to Joy, backwards and upside down. Why? Because he was inside of a piano, a hole cut into it, he was popped up in the middle, leaning over playing. Very strange!

Monday night, it was very cold. We met up with our daughter and had dinner at Pala (yummy pizza) and afterwards went to a small cafe/coffee shop for dessert. A wonderful vegan chocolate layer cake! The window lights reflected on the table top looked so festive to me.
Coffee shop window.

Our train ride back to Virginia was very relaxing. We got to see things so differently than when we'd drive. This bridge was in New Jersey, just after we'd left New York City.  It looked so peaceful, and unused.

By the time we reached home, it was dark and time for dinner.  .  


PostMuse said...

Love the photo of the sewing machines! And the coffee shop, with a table waiting.

I left a bunch of Bookcrossing books while in NY last weekend, too. It's so hard to casually leave a book. I'm always afraid someone is going to run after me ... "Lady! You forgot your book!" .... and I'll have to explain I'm leaving it on purpose and then follows a bunch of strange looks, sometimes fear (in today's world, even a book is suspicious).

mim said...

I, too, think that someone will spot the book and try to give it back to me. The book I left behind had a sticky note on the front saying "I'm not lost" so hopefully it caught someone's eye. The coffee shop was teeny, tiny, and all the baked goods were vegan. They had sandwiches and pastas, which was amazing because the kitchen was as big as stove top.

Manu World said...

:))) greetings from portugal. i like ur blog...nice pics and nice memories of my vacations in usa...
:) stunning new york...the city that never sleeps!!!

happy xmas season!!