Friday, December 17, 2010

Mail Art #16 A & B

 Yesterday was a snow day. After my morning excursion, I stayed in the rest of the day and made a BIG pot of vegetable soup. I, also, made more Mail Art. I'm numbering them to correspond with my MailArt365 project. The A card is going to my friend in Canada, who knits, and who kindly sent my old mum yarn.

I had printed out the image of the moth last week after my son, the 365 meister suggested it.  I was pondering what kind of card to create for one of our 365 project members.  Yesterday, I started to play around with the image and made this card.  I like the way it turned out.

Lucky me, the mail carrier will pick these up at my door. I'm NOT going out until some of this snow goes away. The main streets are clear, so I've heard, but my barrio doesn't get plowed. That's okay, I can make more mail art and eat vegetable soup!

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Paula said...

Love these, & really loved your New York photos. I'm jealous!