Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mail Art #16, plus an idea.

"Mainly Red"
 I decided that today's card would be mainly red, since it's white outside. Yes, it snowed for most of the day. It's stopped falling, it's on the ground looking pretty, only 24F/-4C so I'm staying indoors. Perfectly happy making mail art, which my mail carrier will pick up from my door and get it on it's way. I used some things from my NYC trip and from my studio stash.

Angry kitty?

This morning, as the snow was starting, I went off to meet with my friend Thea, who is a fab tattoo artist and part owner of an art gallery. She makes some very nice Mail Art. We'd gotten it into our heads to do a mail art show and wanted to start making plans. She got a cup of coffee and it had this foamy top, which Thea turned into a kitty face. Kind of angry looking, right? Or a Persian Cat? We'll work out more details of our show, which will be in 2012, and will post details in plenty-o-time for all of you to enter. Fun thinking and planning and making Mail Art. More soon.

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