Sunday, December 26, 2010

Snow day & mail art

 The snow fell through the night and morning. The yard, as always, looks so pretty to me, with snow covering it.

I could have used the same photos from last year, right? But I didn't. This is today's version.
 The wires are like white lines across my yard. It's very quiet. No one is out and about. I threw some crumbs out for the birds and I see evidence of their having visited, with little prints on the snow.

fish with color experiment
Dog with color experiment 

 Today's Mail Art continues with the color experiments. I didn't have anymore of these fish, but I found this fine dog. I'm sending the dog card to someone whose name is sort of connected to dogs. I don't want to reveal it at this time in case, the recipient reads my blog. This is pretty mysterious, right?

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Margie said...

You make me smile dear Mim! Here's to a very creative 2011! Hugs, Margie